At Taberna Garage Doors, we recognize the critical function that garage door springs perform in the proper operation of your garage door. If you are encountering problems with your garage door springs, it is crucial to have them restored by a specialist garage door spring repair company, such as us.

How Long Do Garage Door Springs Last

Typically, garage door springs endure about 10,000 cycles, which can correspond to approximately 5-7 years of standard usage. However, this lifespan can differ based on various elements like utilization, environment, and upkeep. Hence, it is important to have your garage door springs examined and serviced regularly by a specialist garage door technician.

Opening door and automatic garage door opener electric engine gear mounted on ceiling with emergency cord. Double place empty garage interior with rolling entrance gate.

Can I Replace My Garage Door Spring System Myself

While it may be tempting to replace your garage door spring mechanism yourself, it is vital to entrust this task to a professional. Garage door springs are under high tension and can be perilous if not handled correctly. 

At Taberna Garage Doors, we possess the proficiency and equipment needed to replace your garage door spring mechanism safely and competently.

How To Prevent My Springs From Breaking

To avoid your garage door springs from breaking, there are numerous things you can do. First and foremost, ensure that your garage door is correctly balanced, as an unbalanced garage door can exert additional strain on the springs. Regular lubrication of the springs can also assist in preventing them from breaking, as can regular check-ups and upkeep by a professional garage door technician.

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